“Roots and Wings”

Gizelle Covarrubias Robinson

Managing Director, IT (Software Application Development and Strategic Engineering), Charles Schwab & Co
FWN100™ Keeper of the Flame 2014

In this chapter, I share with you stories and insights about my mom and how she shaped the kind of leader I am today. As I read through my mom’s notebook of affirmations I see how they helped her deal with life and ultimately form the type of person and leader she wanted to be. She always wanted to better herself for others and amongst all the things I learned from her this is probably the one thing I aspire for most. She gave me roots. A foundation to establish the kind of person I could be. Throughout my life she planted seeds of knowledge to help me be the person I am. I would like to share these affirmations with the quotes from my Mom’s notebook, highlight the relevance of these quotes to my Mom’s life, and my reflections as to how those life lessons developed into my leadership competencies. My mom gave me wings so I can seek opportunities, take risks, make a difference, and motivate others while my roots keep me grounded in my traditional Filipino values of respecting your elders, my moral compass, and my purpose in life.

The different disruptions in her life and how she dealt with them helped me deal with mine. The final disruption of her life provided a great test of our faith. My hope for all that read my chapter is that you are inspired to persevere and believe.