Table of Contents


Marily Mondejar


Cora Manese Tellez


Maria Africa Beebe, Ph.D.

Networking Filipina Women Leaders

1.    FWN and I
Marily Mondejar
2.    Filipinas Rising
Elena Mangahas
3.    Stepping Up
Gloria T. Caoile

Transforming Self: Personal Narratives

4.    For the Love of Racing
Michele Bumgarner
5.    Chef to the Chiefs
Cris Comerford
6.    The Chronicles of a Meeting Queen: On  Leadership
Kristine M. Custodio, ACP
7.    From Boondock to Boardroom
Sonia T. Delen
8.    Leadership by Inspiration
Ernestina de los Santos-Mac, M.D.
9.    Nevada’s First Filipina District Court  Judge
Judge Cheryl Nora Moss
10.    Writing for Sainthood
Janet Susan R. Nepales
11.    Beating the Odds
Shirley S. Raguindin
12.    Blackapina
Janet C. Mendoza Stickmon

Leading Organizations

Leading Organizations
13.    A Filipina Leans In
Nina Aguas
14.    From Barefoot in the Barrio to American Madame  Mayor
Mayor Ruth Uy Asmundson, Ph.D.
15.    Crossing Borders in Pursuit of  Excellence
Mary Jane Alvero-Al Mahdi
16.    Creating Initiatives for Change
Suzie Moya Benitez
17.    Guided Path: My Career in Medicine, Research & Public Service
Carmencita M. David-Padilla, M.D.
18.    Pakikisama: Building Relationships, Building an   Industry
Adela Sering-Fojas, with Miguel Fojas
19.    The Power of Dreams
Soledad Muesco Manaay, Ph.D.
20.    Mommyla, Popsy and Me: Leading by Example Through the Generations
Susie Quesada
21.    Leading an Industry: My Journey with 55,000  Heroes
Marife Zamora




22.    Harmonizing Global Teams in  Afghanistan
Maria Africa Beebe, Ph.D.
23. Ad Astra per Aspira: To the Stars Through Difficulties
Penelope V. Flores, Ph.D.
24.    Grit: Leadership Through Social  Media
Mira Gillet
25.    Full Circle
Lenore RS Lim
26.    Japan: A Love-Hate Relationship
Isabelita T.  Manalastas-Watanabe
27.    Learnings from Several  Lifetimes
Imelda Nicolas
28.    Ora et Labora: A Girl named Loida of  Sorsogon
Loida Nicolas-Lewis, with Rocio Casimiro  Nuyda
29.    Being a Woman Ambassador
Patricia Ann V. Paez
30.    Uphill Road to Success in Science and the  Academe
Delia Rodriquez-Amaya, Ph.D.
31.    A Filipina in a Word, a Filipina in the  World
Astrid S. Tuminez, Ph.D.

developing next generation LEADERS    

32.    Standing on the Shoulders of Filipina  Giants
Amelia Duran Stanton, Ph.D.
33.    We Speak their Names
Annalisa Vicente Enrile, Ph.D.
34.    ABCs for Global Health
Julieta Gabiola, M.D.
35.    Letter to a Young Filipina
Lirio Sobreviñas-Covey, Ph.D.FEMtorMatch™

Maria Africa Beebe, Ph.D.


Appendix A: References

Appendix B:  Additional Resources

Appendix C:  List of FWN Awardees (2007-2013)

Appendix D:  Historical Timeline of the Philippines

Appendix E:  Suggestions for Workshop Activities