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On Sun, Oct 20, 2013 at 2:05 PM, Marily Mondejar wrote:

Dear Awesome Pinay Women!!

It's almost Filipina Summit time and we have recruited most of the attendees who do not live in the United States for a Global Filipina Leaders session. We've never done this before and I think it's going to be very interesting—especially about the global leader competencies of our own Filipina women. Dr. Beebe will be sharing with you the Global Competencies for Leaders from the research conducted by the Center for Creative Leadership. We will frame the session based on these competencies. Read on for the description of the session.

Whoa! This is quite a large panel so it's going to be exciting. Let's think deeply of how much work we need to do to ensure that Filipina women will have seats at the corporate tables worldwide. What do we need to do?  How have your experiences worked for you and will work for others? I hope you can all get started with the conversation via email.

The summit's theme this year 2013 is "Global Filipina Women: Power & Influence"—it's a historic celebration for FWN. We are celebrating our 10th year and we’re global now with the selection of the "100 Most Influential Filipina Women in the World Awards"—awardees selected are coming from Dubai, Japan, Bangladesh, Singapore, Hong Kong, Canada, Guam, Poland, the Philippines and of course, the U. S. The gathering is about sharing best practices and career/personal advice through stories with your Filipina sisters!

This year, we have Learning Journeys to the campuses of Charles Schwab (10/24) and Google (10/25).

FWN's 10th Annual Filipina Leadership Summit: "Global Filipina Women: Power & Influence"
A Learning Journey To Filipina Global Power

The annual summit is more than a field trip, symposium or forum. It is a Learning Journey which immerses us in the reality—and long-range implications—of the politics of developing our career portfolio. These experiences enable us to deepen, accelerate, and internalize our own learning about the business of how to get ahead, assess our current career situation or business, how to advocate for what we want, and understanding the issues that influence Filipina women globally. Learning Journeys reflect our conviction that the most powerful learning occurs through interaction and sharing of experiences, not from books or speeches.

Here are the details: 

    •    Saturday, October 26, 2013, 10:45am - 12:15pm
    •    Mark Hopkins InterContinental Hotel
    •    999 California St. @ Mason, San Francisco

FWN 10th Filipina Leadership Summit

Filipina Global Leaders: Pinay, Pinay, saan ka pupunta? Nandito na ako!

The panelists will reflect on their definition of leadership and their leader identity, to what extent Philippine culture has underpinned their leadership, and what cultural adjustments were made to succeed in academia, government, corporate, and nonprofit sectors in the global workplace. From their reflection on their journey from the Philippines to the global workplace, the themes to be explored are:  

  • What has shaped their core identity, that fixed sense of self that underlie their continuously shifting multiple identities as they demonstrate their power and influence; 
  • How has their Philippine heritage formed their values, their sense of purpose and how they see the world; 
  • How have their experiences beyond home challenged or reinforced their notions of leadership;
  • How do they cope with cognitive dissonance when Philippine traditional beliefs are at odds with the requirements of making it in the global workplace? 

Through their personal narratives, the panelists will reflect on how and why certain global competencies were key to their success as influential Filipinas in the world. These competencies might include:  

  • Decision-making that is timely and effective.
  • Negotiating the use of time, roles, and resources with individuals and groups to translate strategy into action.  
  • Setting direction, motivating, coaching, gaining and maintaining commitment. 
  • Knowing the business of the university, corporate, and NGO and making it work.
  • Dealing well with setbacks, and remaining calm, resolute and resilient under stress.
  • Knowing how to conduct business throughout the world.
  • Perspective taking, listening well, accepting divergent points of view, and acting and communicating from the perspective of others.
  • Innovating by integrating knowledge, perspectives and entities to create new outcomes.
  • Adapting to meet cultural expectations.

Understanding Filipina women's leadership styles have implications for gender, intercultural leadership research and practice in the global environment. Understanding how Filipina women bridge the range of Filipino and global cultures will contribute to a theory of culture; challenge existing theories of multi-culturalism; and, extend the thinking on co-culturation and global moral leadership.  

Session Chair: Dr. Maria Beebe (U.S. FWN100 '11; Global FWN100™)


Lucille Lozada Tenazas, Henry Wolf Professor, Parsons The New School for Design
Dr. Maria Beebe, Founding Partner, Global Networks

Speaker Panel

  • Annette M. David, MD, MPH, Founder and Director of Consulting Services, Health Partners LLC; Adjust Research Faculty, University of Guam Cancer Research Center, Clinical Associate Professor, University of Hawaii
  • Astrid Tuminez, Ph.D., Regional Director, Legal and Corporate Affairs, Southeast Asia, Microsoft, Inc., Singapore
  • Carmencita Padilla MD, Director, Newborn Screening Reference Center, Executive Director, Philippine Genome Center
  • Evelia Religioso, Vice President - REVA Farms, President - Siniloan Feeds Corporation
  • Eileen Aparis, Executive Director, Apl.de.ap Foundation
  • Imelda M. Nicolas, Cabinet Secretary, Commission on Filipinos Overseas (CFO), Office of the President of the Philippines
  • Isabelita Manalastas-Watanabe, President & Representative Director, Speed Money Transfer Japan Kabushiki Kaisha
  • Marife Zamora, Managing Director, AsiaPac and EMEA, Convergys Corporation
  • Mary Ann Lucille L. Sering, Cabinet Secretary of Climate Change, Climate Change Commission, Republic of the Philippines
  • Mary Jane Alvero-Al Mahdi, CEO, Geoscience Testing Laboratory, Dubai, United Arab Emirates
  • Michele Bumgarner Miranda, Indycar Race Driver, Bumgarner Racing
  • Nina Datu Aguas, Chief Executive Officer and President, Philippine Bank of Communications Inc. 
  • Patricia Gallardo Dwyer, Group Director of Corporate Social Responsibility and Sustainability (Global), Shangri-La International Hotel Management, Ltd
  • Patricia V. Paez, Philippine Ambassador to Poland, Lithuania, Latvia & Estonia, Republic of the Philippines
  • Patricia Riingen, Senior Vice President, East & South Asia, Western Union
  • Suzie Moya Benitez, Trustee and Executive Director, Bayanihan Folk Arts Foundation; Associate Vice President, Campus Life Philippine Women's University


This is a very informal Kwentuhan session (a la "The View") among kindred spirits on civic engagement, public service and political action. We’d like the discussion to incorporate the summit theme and the attendees to leave with an action item of what they can do to get more engaged in the community. Dr. Beebe who co-chairs the FEMtorMatch Global Initiative will be contacting you to formulate the flow of the sessions.

Edcelyn Pujol is the Summit Steering Committee Co-Chair.

I suggest that an email conversation get you all started before the session. Please cc me your email thread if you want me to weigh in, if necessary.

Thanks again for doing this. Feel free to call Edcelyn, Maria Beebe, or myself if you have any questions or reply to this email to me ONLY.

Take care and see you in a few days.


/Marily Mondejar