Vivian Zalvidea Araullo

Executive Director, West Bay Pilipino Multi Service Center
FWN100™ U. S. 2012

As a new executive director of a community organization, I have learned many new lessons concerning leadership, and have had the opportunity to practice the ones I have learned as a television news executive. The Filipina Women’s Network has been a strong pillars of support; and I am writing this because I want to give back to this organization, and to share some the valuable lessons I have learned. Here are the ten key leadership lessons I have learned: (1) Reach Out, Reach Out, Reach Out. Even if They Do Not Agree with You. (2) What do You Guys Think? (3) No Personal Attacks. But Keep Fighting. (4) Rock the Boat, but Stay on Course. (5) Everyone’s the Same, from the Homeless Guy to the Mayor. (6) Build Permeable Boundaries. (7) Collaborate; but only if it Feels Right. (8) Follow your Gut. Do not Second Guess Your Instincts. (9) Introduce Everyone to Each Other. (10) Progress not Perfection. Celebrate Victories.