“Learning Management from the Most Unlikely”

Maria Santos-Greaves

President, Surrey Hearing Care Inc.
FWN100™ Global 2015

In business seminars, MBA programs, case studies of entrepreneurs, organizational practices, past and present, are used to inculcate better practices, reduce risks, mitigate missteps, and pave the way for success. But Maria Santos-Greaves had no resources, time or option to go back to school or enroll in workshops. All she had was guts and a burning desire to start up her own clinic. Learning Management from the Most Unlikely recounts how Ms. Santos-Greaves started and is nurturing her business by learning management wisdom from her life experiences including that of her marriage, her parents and her son, to name a few. The lesson: we don’t have to go far, nor search high and low. For all you know, the keys to accomplishments are right in your doorsteps.