“Dream Big; Live Tiny”

Vina Lustado

Founder of Sol Haus Design
FWN100™ Global 2015

In this chapter, I recount my childhood in the Philippines and what led me to the path towards architecture, sustainability, and living tiny. I look back at the days from the linang and how it has shaped my worldview as an adult: from immigrating to the US to climbing the corporate ladder in architecture, and then starting my own business, Sol Haus Design. I will discuss how I was determined to make a BIG difference in the world, and unintentionally realized it through the building of my own tiny house. With a belief that tiny houses can address critical issues in the world today - such as in affordable housing, environmental impact and economic disparity – I became a passionate advocate for legalizing tiny houses on wheels. Further in the chapter, I will recount my efforts working with public officials to change public policy. I will also discuss how I was able to collaborate with public officials to support the concept of a tiny house community, which is my bigger vision to help solve many of the world issues we face today.