“Becoming A Global Pinay Powerhouse”

Francine Maigue

District Director, California State Assembly
International Friendship Commissioner, City of Chula Vista President
CEO, Filipino American Chamber of Commerce of San Diego County

What does your leadership look like on your best day? How about on your worst?

As the “Face of Global Pinay Power, ” I share a candid account of my leadership journey—how, in empowering others, I grew disenfranchised; how, in constant connectivity, I began to feel distant; and how, in mentoring, I finally learned to take my own advice.

Does your cell phone accompany you to the restroom because your inbox is a black hole you can’t seem to get to the bottom of? Have you ever taken a phone call in the middle of a shower?

Are you missing from family photos because you somehow managed to overbook yourself…again? Has your home started to look like the chaos in your mind?

Have you ignored basic human needs all in the name of (too) hard work? Have you started to ignore mirrors because you don’t recognize your own reflection anymore?

I share how I have helped women leaders find their way back to a joyful, satisfying professional and service journey, including the importance of being unwilling to compromise certain values and personality traits when developing one’s personal leadership style; the relativity of childhood chores and its impact on future leadership superpowers; and the meeting pet peeve I think more people ought to have.

Learn why I high five the men who dare to put their hands in my face (It’s not what you think.), why I hate “reply-to-alls” and why I decline certain awards.

In addition, I share what seat I believe more women, especially Filipinas, need to take at the boardroom table; the details of my unique 12 Step Recovery Program for serVICE, the dangerous addiction to sacrificing one’s physical, mental and emotional wellness in the name of helping others; and why I’m OK with being compared to a Disney Princess, unicorns and Harry Potter characters.