“A Life That Matters”

Benel Se-Liban, CPA with Cris B. Liban

Partner, Vasquez and Company, LLP
FWN100™ 2011

My leadership is centered in faith, powered by my will and determination to follow God’s plan for me. Although I have been a reluctant leader, I became the first Filipino-American partner of Vasquez and Company LLP. I am also the Founder and first President of the International Society of Filipinos in Finance and Accounting (ISSFA). My activism is the results of realizing that the Filipino-American needs to be empowered and emboldened to succeed in their adopted land. Going against the perceived norms, I have challenged everyone I make contact with through my workplace, ISFFA, and my local and global community to make a difference in society by effecting change in oneself through their discovery of spirituality and purpose. This chapter will provide insight into family and school influences on my upbringing, my college and career choices, and my brave move to America to seek independence, identity, and career. Marrying the man of my dreams, Cris and raising a loving and smart son, JP are significant in my life. I will share how I discovered my purpose and passion to choose a life that matters. The chapter ends with leadership snippets based on my life experience.