FWN Filipina Leadership Book Series

DISRUPT 2.0. Filipina Women: Daring to Lead (2016). 35 authors from 5 countries. 497 pages. 

Key themes in DISRUPT 2.0: Filipina Women: Daring to Lead. include life disruptions, workplace disruptions initiated, leadership competencies developed for oneself, for leading others, for leading organizations and legacy building for next generation leaders.

DISRUPT 3.0. Filipina Women Rising. 38 authors from 9 countries. 624 pages. 

Leadership stories of leaning in, daring greatly, channeling grit, fueling fire, disrupting tradition and rising boldly ahead whilst embracing Filipina women’s relational virtues with family, heeding the call for service, and leading lives of commitment. The authors’  journeys have been championed not only with fellow sojourners, overseas Filipina workers, Filipina women in the diaspora, aspiring and emerging Filipina leaders but also with thought leaders across public and private sectors of the global economy.

DISRUPT. Filipina Women: Proud. Loud. Leading Without A Doubt. (2014). 35 authors from 9 countries. 582 pages

Key themes in DISRUPT 1.0: Filipina Women: Proud. Loud. Leading Without a Doubt. include identity (including consanguinity and affinity), migration, gender, and leadership on public policy, advocacy, diplomacy, entrepreneurship and other sectors. 


FWN Filipina Leadership Book Series

The FWN Filipina Leadership Book Series fills the gap in the leadership literature that has missed the opportunity to survey the leadership competencies of the women of Philippine ancestry. A ground-breaking book series that documents the leadership stories about victories over poverty, domestic violence, incarceration, discrimination and harassment which shaped their world view, leader identity, life purpose, power and influence. The book series  is key to FWN’s strategy in building its pipeline of qualified leaders that some will rise to the leadership position in all sectors of the economy. The authors and contributors are recipients of the Filipina Women's Network's 100 Most Influential Filipina Women in the World™ Award™.


Why DISRUPT Filipina Leadership Series?

Filipina women are the ultimate disrupters. They disrupted their personal and professional lives, and their organizations as they became achievers in their professional fields and broke “glass ceilings”. Filipina women disrupted the business landscape when they innovated products, improved or created services that impacted the lives of women and the citizenry. They disrupted their communities as they became strong advocates for social issues that affected their families and children.

Filipina women across the world have engaged in culture-spanning and have overcome increased complexity in their work. Filipina women do not back down—once they make up their minds that they will get behind a cause or an issue that will change how we live or aim for that promotion or leadership position—they don’t stop. They’re tenacious. They’re firm. They’re forceful. And they don’t give up. 


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